How We Came To Be

In 2016, after the tragic shooting of 4 law enforcement officials,  200+ people gathered together to try to bring some healing to each other in the aftermath of tragedy. We came together to talk, to listen, to learn, to grow, to heal. Since that time, we have changed our name from ‘Change the Perception’ to VISIONS FOR CHANGE, INC. a 501(c) (3) -a non-profit organization. And since that 1st meeting in 2016,  Community Conversation continues to be a platform opening the door to civil and respectful conversations around race, bigotry, violence and privilege. Our Community Conversation gathering is meant to bridge the divide between communities and devise steps to bring about real change. A place where EVERYONE is welcome no matter your race, gender, orientation, religious belief, political affiliation or any other thing that may divide us. 

And we’re only just beginning.  As we come back from Covid we will continue to create, support and promote programs that will build bridges and make us a stronger, more united community.  

I hope you’ll join us!


Mission Statement

To eliminate false perceptions of our neighbors from different cultures, races, orientations and/or social-economic statuses through civil and respectable conversation, fellowship, and activities. And to support efforts and programs that work toward a more equitable community for all.