Community Conversation continues to make a huge difference in our community.  When people come together with open minds, hearts change.  Our next gathering Monday, August 27th at the Dallas Children’s Theater, tackles a very important topic – DIVERSITY.  We will have a real discussion about how we develop the trust needed to create diverse environments. We not only host our regular gatherings on every 4th Monday at the Dallas Children’s Theater but we continue to host conversations in Ft. Worth at Circle Theatre and Stage West. 
We are also expanding and hosting conversations following theater performances.  We are honored to facilitate Community Conversations following every Saturday performance of Second Thought Theatre’s ‘Revolt. She Said. Revolt Again.’ As a bonus, Second Thought is offering a great deal!  When purchasing a ticket to the show, use the word ‘Community’ to get a $25 ticket for $10!!  Click HERE for tickets
Also, on September 12th, Stage West Theater will host Community Conversation.  We will discuss topics around their upcoming production of ‘Octoroon’, opening August 30th. Click HERE for tickets